by Giash



Petruk introduces as an ethereal track yet with strong rhythmic base, one is instantly plunged into Giash’s technical world with simple and effective drum patterns. As the journey evolves with eerie sound pads and playful gimmicks, we are taken to a vast experimental ground while keeping the ambience to an essential up-mood. The 10min stripped back track, is very evolving all along its course, keeping playful but as well organic elements giving richness and depth to the sound. Needless to say this is another very strong production by the Hungarian.


released April 30, 2015



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Giash Hungary

Originating from Techno and House, the music gains its glaze from the playful minimalism, the boldly used soundpads and the musical motifs. This could be the shortest description of Giash's music.

His music goes along the main direction, while receding the old standards and leading towards new destinations. It creates channels which can take you beyond the material world if you are up to it.
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